"Your Donation Makes a Roaring Difference"


Our Wish List



We are in need of the items listed below. If you would like to donate any of these items, please contact us at info@wisconsinbigcats.org.



Animal and Property Supplies:
ATV - 4-wheeler (4x4 500 or larger)
Golf Cart (for the elderly to view the cats)
Tractor - any size
Brush hog mower
Weed eaters - gas powered
Bobcat or Skid Steer
Snow plow for a truck
Heavy duty wheelbarrows
Trailers - any size
Picnic tables
Building materials - tools, nails, wood, etc.
Wood - treated, 6x6, 18 feet long
Heavy duty garbage cans
Heavy duty garbage bags
Rubbermaid storage bins - any size
Garden hoses
Work gloves
Rubber gloves
Batteries for flash lights and other equipment - C, D, AA
Paper towels
Toliet paper
Towels - bath and hand
Cleaning supplies
Weed killer
Boomer balls for big cat enrichment
Gas gift cards
Veterinary supplies - gift certificates to Lodi Veterinary Care
(705 N. Main Street, Lodi, WI - (608) 592-3232)


Office Supplies:
Printer Ink - hp 61 black and 61 tricolor
Did you know... Big cats are able to hear over a very wide range of frequencies, almost five times better than human hearing.